City Planner was selected to be part of PAX Aus Collabratory 2019!

Welcome Investor! The government has approached you and up to 4 others to plan out a newly zoned City to attract residents and bring in profits to further develop the surrounding area. Who will have the most money once the city is established?

City Planner is a ‘Draw and Score’ game where players draw structures and services in any shape onto a central map with markers, then gain income as people move into their houses or use their buildings’ services.

Throughout the game, a row of prospective residents will be lining up to find their perfect home.

Each resident is after different requirements; living next to a school, wanting a mid-sized house, having lots of entertainment options nearby, and so forth.

It is your job to make smart decisions, constructing buildings (drawing them) in locations that residents desire, to help fund your future constructions, and end you with the most money once the city is established.

On your turn, you will buy 1 or 2 buildings and draw them onto the central map. Some buildings have a fixed shape (like services) but others (like schools and entertainment) can be drawn in any shape.

Next, all prospective residents whose requirements are met move into houses, paying the owners of requirements they desire.

Finally, if enough residents have moved in, the City may open new land to be built on.

The game ends once all residents have either been housed or moved on to other neighbourhoods.

The investor with the most money at the end is the winner.

City Planner can be played by 2-5 investors and over 40-60 minutes.