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A few months back, a friend of mine and fellow board game designer Peter Sanderson interviewed a number of board game designers, including myself, about our current projects. Interviews took place at our local incubator meetup and a local board game convention, OzBunnyCon, both in Melbourne, Australia. I show up at 4.35 play-testing Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas if you wish to jump right to it but it is fantastic to see so much boardgame game design and development happening in one city. Also, a shoutout to Peter on his successful Kickstarter campaign Mothership: Tabletop Combat! (read more)

Toward the end of 2015 I received my much awaited copy of Posthuman from Mr B and Mighty Box Games. Posthuman places you as one of the last humans trying to get safely to the sanctuary while trying to fend off mutants, or give in to the inevitable and allow yourself to become mutant and bring your party down with you. I really enjoyed my first play but it took probably half an hour to sort and set up all the cards & components. Because of this, it has sat on my shelf gathering dust ever since. A month or two ago I decided that the best way to get it on the table was to cut the setup time as much as possible by utilising properly organised... (read more)

As usual, the lead up to this convention was very busy, filled with implementing changes and making new pieces.
My tiles are now in vector form
I used Inkscape for all my tiles. My colour palette was on my template down the right.
The biggest change for me was switching from CAD outlines and hand coloured tiles to vector images. The advantage of vector images is they are scalable to any size without loss of quality.  This was especially useful as I have reduced the number of tiles you play with so decided to make the remaining tiles bigger to give players more room to get at their ships. Additionally, having everything done digitally made making changes to tiles... (read more)