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Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas

Second Playtest of Pirates at OzBunnyCon Late Night Playtest before MeepleCon 4 player test at Games Lab Incubator More Playtesting after ConCentric

You are sailing the seven seas in search for buried treasure, but you are not the only one…
Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas is an adventure, dice-rolling game for 2-6 captains where you sail the seas to collect gold to win. While doing so, you will need to manage your wealth to increase your crew and upgrade your ships, allowing you to gain the upper hand on your adversaries. Pirates takes approximately 15min per person to play. Check out the Quick Rules here 🙂

So me hearties, will you captain your way to victory and become the ruler of the seven seas? Or will you be sent to Davy Jones’ Locker?


Victory Pointers Podcast, 25th December 2015
  • [Karl]‘s really done a good job, I think, of trying to get into the piratey feeling with [Pirates: Scourge of the Seven Seas], thats’s something I enjoy and I defiantly noticed some good changes since the earlier version that I played a few weeks ago. I could see he has been working on it so it ran a bit smoother this time. We had a 6 person game, so quite a lot of people, but it went fairly quick, it didn’t feel too slow which is good.” “The funny thing with this game is you forget it is a race to get points, like you forget its just a race to get to the number of gold target because you are just too busy exploring the islands and fighting with the other players… [and] that’s a good thing.”
MeepleCon 2015, 4th – 6th Dec Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • “I think it’s a really neat game.”
  • “The Theme is great, the map, the ships all of that works really well…”
  • “I think it has everything that is missing from Catan.”
ConCentric 2015, 18th – 20th Sept Adelaide, South Australia
  • “Enjoyed being able to find random treasure and the occasional rushes that happened when the randomly spawned treasures come on the islands.”
  • “I overall enjoyed Pirates, like quite a lot.”
  • “I like the randomisation for replayability.”