Signed by Sit Down! – expected in stores 2026

Dig Dwarves Dig!

Throw some dice and heckle your follow miners in Dig Dwarves Dig! Players take the roll of a crew of greedy dwarves exploring deeper and deeper into a mine, looking for gems to collect for themselves! Make sure you don’t end up with too much coal and watch out for the dragon!

Dig Dwarves Dig is made up of 3 levels of dice, Deep, Deeper, and Deepest. The deeper you are in the mine the greater the reward, with high value gems and even multipliers, if you don’t stumble upon the dragon first!

Each turn you are passed the dice from the previous player, continuing from the depth that they have explored to. You roll the dice, taking any coal you roll, and choosing whether to keep gems found or push on. Most gems will require two halves to score any points. If you roll a mine shaft, that dice is replaced with the next depth, down deeper, and deeper.

If you wake the dragon in the deepest depths of the mine, you bust! With all players fleeing the mine and trying their luck in a fresh mine.

Dig Dwarves Dig plays 3-7 players in 20 minutes.