Signed by Sit Down! – expected in stores 2024

Octopus Scramble

Octopus Scramble is a fast-paced set collection game with an attractive twist. You control an Octopus, rotating and rolling your way around the ocean, gathering magnetic tiles on each side as you go!

Score points by collecting sets of similar items on your Octopus and compete for the most of each color and item!

Finalist: Cardboard Edison Award 2021 (judging in progress)

On your turn, you perform one of the following actions:

Octopus Scramble was selected to be part of PAX Aus Collabratory 2018!

Points are scored in 2 ways. During the game when you Return from the ocean you score points for sets of the same item on your Octopus. The bigger the set, the bigger the points!

At the end of the game, the player with the most of each item and the most of each color scores points based on how rare it is in the ocean. The less common the item, the more points you score!

Octopus Scramble can by played by 2-4 players in around 30 minutes.