In Development

Arrr you ready to Roll with the Waves? Gather your crew, or convince others crew to work for you! Claim treasure as it surfaces, or steal it for yourself!

Rolling with the Waves is a Pirate themed roll and write built around high player interaction. It combines dice drafting and bag building, low down time (thanks to simultaneous allocations), and a cohesive mix of theme & mechanics, with multiple paths to victory.

Rolling with the Waves can be played by 2-5 Captains in 25 to 45 minutes and a print and play of version 4.3 can be found below!

Rolling with the Waves Rules

Rolling with the Waves Maps

Rolling with the Waves Screens + Mini-board

You will need to:

  • Print one copy of the Map per player
  • Print one copy of the Screens + Mini Board (double sided) and cut into 5, folding along the white edge to form the screen
  • 5 dice per player in a unique colour
  • 7 dice in a 6th colour (yellow in the rules)
  • A bag to draw the dice from
  • Pencils & erasers / dry erase markers & plastic pockets

Any Feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated.