In Development by Good Games Publishing – expected in stores 2023/2024

The Bath House

Players take the roll of employees in a Japanese Bath House for Spirits. Throughout the game, players will collect Ingredients from a tableau, pamper Guests reserving them for themselves, complete Guests’ treatments with ingredients from their hands, and earn money for cleaning dirty baths in this delightful card game for 2-5 players.

Who will earn the most money at the end of the day? Find out in the Bath House.

Each turn players take only one action, leading to low downtime between turns. Guests are worth different values of points depending on the number of requirements they have. If you meet a Guests’ requirements exactly will earn you additional gold pieces.

As Guests leave, baths will need to be cleaned before new Guests can be welcomed to them.

Spread throughout the Guests Deck are Staff cards. As these are revealed, they will modify the rules of the game. For example, increasing gold pieces given, giving extra ingredients, etc.

Once a certain number of Staff cards have been drawn from the Guest Deck, the game ends immediately.

Players score points for the Guests’ they have collected, gold pieces they have received, and points for collecting both matching and unique sets of Guests.

The Bath House plays 2-5 players in 30-45 minutes.