In addition to designing my own games, Ark Angel Games can provide a range of board game related services, including:

  • Board Game Design
  • Board Game Development
  • Playtesting and Feedback Services
  • Digital Implementations and Scripting (Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia)
  • Cardboard Structure Design
  • 3D Modeling of Components
  • Board Game Events

If you would like a quote for any of the above, please reach out to me with details of your project via the Contact page.


Karl is both creative and workmanlike, able to provide inspirational ideas, crunch the numbers, and deliver the goods. His fun, thoughtful, and can do approach is perfect for game development, and we look forward to each project he is a part of.

Quillsilver Studio

Karl is a very professional and experienced game designer/developer. He can tell whether something will work or not because he has seen so much of it and truly knows board game mechanisms inside and out. The thing I would say that makes him special is that he will really go that extra mile when making games, and this is seen not just in his design strategies but also in the processes he uses to get his games up to that professional standard.

Sean Lee – Designer of Cytress