DevCon & PAX Aus 2018

Its that time of year again when the weather heats up and the gamers come out to play!

First up, on Thursday 25th DevCon2018 kicks off the 4 days of greatness.

DevCon is the annual Tabletop Game Industry event for designers, developers, artists, illustrators & publishers run by TGDA. I am lucky enough to be MC’ing the event again for the second year in a row.

The evening will be filled with playtesting and showing off our latest wears (I will have a full art prototype of Jabberwocky with me, but more on that in another post). We have 4 guest speakers, Luke Henry (Partner at LDB Accountants & Advisors) with a talk on Crowdfunding and tax: What you need to know, Phoebe Wild (Cardboard Vault / Bezier Games) is talking on Marketing Your Brand & Crowdfunding Campaigns, Sye Robertson (Sye Robertson Art and Design) will talk about Diversity in Boardgames Today, and lastly Kim Brebach (Good Games Publishing) will be covering Getting Your Game into Stores, Locally & Internationally.

It is sure to be an informative evening for all in attendance, Tickets are on sale now if you would like to tag along 🙂

Next up we have the 3 day extravaganza known as PAX Aus. As per the last 2 years, I will have a slot at the TGDA booth playtesting my games. In addition, PAX Tabletop has introduced a new curated event, PAX Collaboratory. This is a public showing of 43 unpublished games by designers from across Australia that I have been lucky enough to have not one but TWO games selected to show!

For anyone interested in new and upcoming Aussie games, this is the place for you! Located directly inside of Door 8, the quality and range of games selected for Collaboratory looks fantastic and PAX looks to have dedicated a sizable chunk of the tabletop area for the event.

Games on Show.

This year, I will have 3 games on show and another on my person for anyone interested.

First up we have Cluster³, one of my games selected for PAX Collaboratory.

Cluster³ is a fast-paced game, with an attractive take on set collection. You control a cube, rotating and rolling your way around a factory floor gathering magnetic tiles on each side as you go!

Next on the agenda, we have Petal, also selected for PAX Collaboratory. Now with thicker acrylic tiles!

Compete against another to create the most impressive bouquet of flowers in your colour with Petal! Petal is a 2 player abstract set collection game where players create and pick flowers by stacking clear tiles with petals on top of each other.

At the TGDA Booth TT450, I will have Rolling with the Waves on show.

Rolling with the Waves is a pirate themed roll and write built around dice drafting and bag building. It combines high player interaction, low down time, a cohesive mix of theme & mechanics, with multiple winning strategies.

Lastly, I will have my first game to be published, Jabberwocky – Borogoves.

Earlier in the year I was honored to be selected as the winner of the Jellybean Contest by Jellybean Games. If anyone is interested and would like to get in a playtest and / or interview I will have a full art prototype of the final product Jabberwocky, to be published by Jellybean Games mid November 2018. Jabberwocky is a pack of 5 games using the same components, with the possibility of expanding to 8 games via stretch goals during the campaign.

Maps of the Collab space and the TGDA Booth


You will be able to find me, or one of my helpers, showing off me games at the following times:

Day Time Location Game
Friday 10:30pm – 2:30pm Pax Collaboratory Cluster³
Friday 5:00pm – 8:00pm TGDA Booth: TT450 Rolling with the Waves
Saturday 10:30pm – 2:30pm Pax Collaboratory Petal
Saturday 2:30pm – 5:00pm TGDA Booth: TT450 Rolling with the Waves
Sunday 10:00am – 2:00pm Pax Collaboratory Cluster³
Sunday 2:00pm – 6 :00pm Pax Collaboratory Petal

Looking forward to the hectic week ahead and hoping to catch up with as many of you as I can,

Karl Lange | Owner & Designer
Ark Angel Games